Why The Rhythm of Life is an Illusion

Perhaps you noticed my absence last week as the blog sat untouched in the interwebs. I’ve had some long days and am navigating my new schedule, working traditional office hours and then driving my son to and from his very first job in the evenings. We always manage to squeeze in some gym time, and on some nights, that’s left me peeling off my yoga pants at 11 p.m. 

So I’m adjusting to the new “rhythm” of my life, learning where to put my feet and how to dance through these different details of my days. New routines can be difficult, but I’m glad I made the changes and am enjoying the challenges they present.

The first week at my new job, I learned the managing editor who hired me, my direct supervisor and a woman with whom I had initially bonded, would be leaving the company to pursue a position in another city. This seemingly impromptu decision shocked me and my department. I spent a few moments with that “rug pulled out from underneath me” feeling, wondering what the hell I’d signed up for. But then I remembered…

Life is fluid.

This is where the phrase “rhythm of life,” gets complicated. It’s like that myth about achieving “balance.” Both are illusions. Because we cannot anticipate how and when the ground will shift, and we can’t fully learn the patterns or paths of our lives. Life’s cadence exists in change. And that’s both exciting and terrifying. But as I said in a previous post, planning is good but too much thinking takes me away from this moment. Life does not live outside of this moment, so why do we?

Here’s what I’ve been meditating on this week:

Life is a rhythmless dance, a shapeless expanse.

Today, she gently taps like raindrops on rooftops. Tedious. Slow.  

Tomorrow, she is sheer desire, aspiration unspoken. 

All I know is that I don’t know.

I ask myself, how can I be okay with that?

How can I honor uncertainty?

There’s a freedom in letting go. 


Mantra: All problems are illusions of the mind ~ Eckhart Tolle

  • heidi
    November 6, 2016

    I have been dealing with some personal upheaval and you are right those little interruptions can send us to dizzy, crazytown for sure. I love Echart Tolle btw his books relax me. Balance is something, I think we all struggle with every day and though maybe it sounds wacko, the only way I achieve it is by scheduling my entire life.

    • Rica Lewis
      November 6, 2016

      That doesn’t sound wacko to me, Heidi. I’ve found that if I don’t schedule something, it doesn’t happen. Still, I try to stay flexible even as I plan, plan, plan. Thanks for your comment, and for always being so supportive. 🙂

  • Peggy
    November 6, 2016

    Up, down, ebb, flow, side to side. This is life. Sometimes it’s a torrential flash flood. Sometimes it’s a bubbling stream flowing merrily along. How’s that saying go: you can never step into the same river twice.

    Enjoy your new changes. May your new job be worthwhile. May the structure support your highest good. <3

    • Rica Lewis
      November 6, 2016

      You always have something beautiful and wise to say, Peggy! Thank you. ??

  • Bren Pace
    November 6, 2016

    Hey girl!

    I’m sure it’s like a whirlwind in your head trying to manage all that was more easily done because you worked from home. However, you’re an intelligent woman with a passion to succeed. I’m sure you’ll find that rhythm sooner or later. Sure have missed you around in the online world!

    Have a great week ahead!


    • Rica Lewis
      November 6, 2016

      Awww Bren, You’re so sweet! I’ll be back to my online antics in no time!

  • Cindy Kochis
    November 6, 2016

    This is a wonderful post, Rica. May you always dance to the rhythm of your heart. Remember – life is an amazing adventure; it was never intended to be lived in gray-scale.

  • Skipah
    November 7, 2016

    Man that seriously blows monkey cock that the person that hired you is leaving. Sounds like you are more than equipped to over come it though :).

    • Rica Lewis
      November 7, 2016

      I’ll do what I can. And thanks for the perversion here. I was thinking this site was too tame and I ought to invite you over to make it more raunchy. Lol ?

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