The 5 Best Blog Posts for Yoga Beginners

Are you making the leap from yoga pants wearer to yoga practitioner? Why the hell not– you’ve already got the uniform, am I right? It can be intimidating being a newbie, watching other yogis draw their toes to their ears with all the ease and grace of a dancer. Meanwhile, you’re still struggling to stay grounded in Mountain Pose. And what’s up with all the Om-ing? Is it all just nebulous noise? So many questions…

Whether you’re new to fitness all together, or are a regular gym junkie, you’ll find there’s nothing like the yoga journey. And you may need some guidance to help you navigate this amazing ancient practice and make it all your own. I’ve taken a trip to the Yoga Mat Monkey archives and unpacked the 5 Best Blog Posts for Yoga Beginners. Here they are for your reading pleasure. May they help you on your path from yoga beginner to yoga boss….

  1. 5 Steps to a Successful Yoga Home Practice: The post is a Pinterest favorite. It’s been on viral status for months, and I’m hoping it’s doing the job I intended: helping newbies get their feet on the mat more often and truly enjoy their yoga home practice.

5 Steps to a Successful Yoga Home Practice

2. How to Kick Your Yoga Class Intimidation: This interview with a long-time yoga studio owner is chock full of tips for kicking yoga class intimidation and finding the confidence, time, and space to make yoga a part of your life.

How to Kick Your Yoga Class Intimidation

3. The Top 5 Yoga Books on My Bookshelf: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Seriously, this post breaks them down and helps you decide which yoga books might be most beneficial for you — before you buy.

The Top 5 Yoga Books on My Bookshelf

4. How to Be a Yogi (Humor): Laugh with me as I share a yoga poem infused with stereotypes and sarcasm. This one’s just for fun, folks!

How to Be a Yogi (Humor)

5. How Yoga Made Me Fierce: A look at how I started, improved, and learned from my yoga practice– because there’s so much more to yoga than the booty-shaping benefits.

How Yoga Made Me Fierce


This one is for every yogi– from beginner to pro. I wrote the piece as a member of the editorial team at Do You Yoga. I invite you to check it out and see exactly what inspired the Yoga Mat Monkey website, and what keeps me hooked on my yoga life and practice…

108 Ways Yoga Will Change Your Life


P.S. I’m SO psyched about the yoga book I wrote. This fun little guide will inspire you and help you find magic and momentum on the mat. Check it out here and leave a review if you feel so inclined. I’d LOVE that!

My yoga book to inspire your yoga journey

  • Been Pace
    July 25, 2016

    Great stuff, Rica! I seriously need to get my yoga on!


  • Jessica
    July 25, 2016

    Great posts, yoga is so amazing, thanks for sharing these resources!

  • Dana
    July 25, 2016

    Hi Rica,

    First time here 🙂
    I know how tough it is to discern one program, benefit or concern from another, so it makes perfect sense to round up some of the most important topics in one post.

    I have to check out the one about humor. I’ve taken Yoga classes and I’ve done some videos- and yep, I’ve seen some funny stuff.

    Good to meet you.

    • Rica Lewis
      July 25, 2016

      Nice to meet you too, Dana. Thanks for stopping in!

  • Bettye Rainwater
    July 31, 2016

    This was a good reminder for me – I need some yoga in my life!

    • Rica Lewis
      July 31, 2016

      Awesome, Bettye! Glad you liked the post. Thanks for reading!

  • Carol Cassara
    August 3, 2016

    I added this to my Flipboard, so good.

  • Janice | MostlyBlogging
    September 13, 2016

    I’m linking to you tomorrow in my post.

    • Rica Lewis
      September 14, 2016

      Cool Janice, thanks for the shout out. I’ll be sure to take a peek. 🙂

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