Island Update: What Happened in Punta Cana…

Prior to our trip to the Majestic Colonial Resort in Punta Cana, I had some anxiety about flying. Scenes from the movie La Bamba and images of airplanes crashing played on repeat in my head. The sarcastic little woman I call mom reminded me that Ritchie Valens and I had nothing in common: he had talent and fame, so why make comparisons. She said I’d surely survive the flight, and even enjoy it. By the title of this post, you know that at least half of that is true.

Truthfully, I did manage to enjoy the flight after a short freak out upon takeoff. No, it was not terrible, as I had imagined. A friendly man with a window seat even agreed to take pictures of the glorious view…

Punta Cana Vacation

On another flight, I scored a window seat and sat with my face against the glass, watching smoky white clouds ripple and swell above squares of green earth and specks of the city.

When we arrived in the Dominican Republic, we exchanged our American money for pesos, although later we learned that wasn’t necessary since we could spend both at our resort in Punta Cana. After clearing customs, we boarded a van for a short ride through the city and to our destination: The Majestic Colonial Resort. And yes, I’d say it was aptly named. But judge for yourself…

Punta-Cana Majestic Colonial Resort


We spent our days kayaking in teal water, watching four beach brides meet their grooms in various ceremonies, and encouraging “Mister Sexy” to gyrate for a free T-shirt. We danced, drank fruit-infused drinks, ate far more than the food pyramid suggests, and saw some spectacular shows (the Michael Jackson tribute was on point!).


On our last evening in Punta Cana, I insisted we buy cigars from a street peddler (the bad ideas always begin with me). We fired up a stogie on the balcony, puffed, (coughed), and laughed under the stars before saying goodbye to the blue-green sea and cluster of cabanas in view.


I had a fabulous time, but now it’s back to the grind. I missed my green smoothies in the morning, sacred sessions on the mat, and strong coffee in my oversized mug. After a brief intermission from computers and chores, I’m ready to dive back in and do the work my life demands. It’s a good life, and I am grateful. But every so often, it’s necessary to press the reset button, whether with a grand vacation in Punta Cana or a simple stroll in your own neighborhood. It’s essential to watch the colors of the day melt into the horizon, breathe a gracious breath, and acknowledge that wherever you go, life’s gifts are abundant. 

The attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga”

~ Yogi Bhajan

  • QA
    August 25, 2015

    Beautiful. You take me away to this place and I can imagine I am sitting on the beach, listening to the waves, and soaking in the glorious sun. Thanks for this.

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