How to Find an Online Coach to Help You Get Results

The interwebs are rife with self-development solutions. There’s a guru for every guy and gal, an e-book series/online course for every challenge, and a packaged deal guaranteed to solve your problem…just enter your email address and payment information. Really? Today’s popular coaching services include:

  • Personal development coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Health and fitness coaching
  • Life coaching
  • & so much more

Is Online Coaching a Scam?

I often ask that question when I’m looking for sound consultation or personal guidance; when I have questions I can’t find in a book or on a blog. So regarding online coaching, is there real help behind the hype? The editor in me knows there’s value in that second set of eyes, in having a professional critique or bring clarity to some project. Still, a part of me wonders if sending one’s hard-earned cash into cyberspace is a smart move. So I sat down with a successful coach in the industry. I asked her the questions I needed to know, and what she said surprised me.

Straight From The Coach’s Mouth:

Meet Allexia Brewer, Founder of the Fierce Women Entrepreneurs Group.

Allexia describes herself as as a “raspberry filled in a box of glazed!” She is a fiercely authentic leader and self-development coach who inspires women entrepreneurs to step fully into the leader within them to reach their greatest potential, both personally and professionally.

Allexia and I met online when I joined her group and became inspired by her posts, video challenges, and straightforward approach to helping women find their fiercest selves. So when I had questions about the online  coaching industry, she was happy to give me the honest answers I needed. Here’s what we talked about…

Me: In a world cluttered with online coaches, what’s the best approach to finding the right fit?


“That depends on whether you’re clear about your needs. Most people aren’t sure, and even when they think they know, they don’t. Some people will come to you for business and it turns out being personal. You cannot separate the two. Things usually aren’t what we think they are. Maybe you struggle with confidence, your ideas about money, things that stem from early childhood. So you end up with problems in business but your issues are personal. A good coach has to peel back the layers. Knowing what kind of coach you need is a good place to start, but you don’t have to be certain if you’re asking the right questions. It’s an investigative journey. Some coaches are very specific as to where they can help. I have a branding coach. She’s able to help me in that arena…also, ask for referrals.”

Me: Are there any red flags a person might see when he/she has encountered the wrong coach?


“Be wary of people with contracts. There are two schools of thought here: some people say a contract is good; others say it’s bad news. I know a coach who has a no-contract policy, he claims it really helps him step up to the plate. Also, watch out for no-refund policies or tight contracts.

Another red flag: someone who promises to fix everything. No one can do it all. Some coaches are very good at a lot of things, but no one is good at everything.”

Me: New coach or established?  


“I’ve seen coaches swoop in and swoop out. Make sure a coach is highly visible online before hiring them — not someone who just stepped onto the scene. They should be letting everyone see them…taking a stand. This is important.”

Me: What steps can a person take to ensure a better online coaching experience?


“Talk to a few coaches. Compare at least 3. The more you can advocate for yourself, the better. A recent client sent me a list of questions, and I thought that was great. Create a list, and ask things like: how will you help me achieve this goal, and what methods will you use in the process?

In the end, the right relationship will change your life. No doubt about that, but you have to start with some realistic goals.”

For more on the topic of online coaching, reach out to Allexia Brewer at:

Allexia’s Bio: With 25 years of experience in the network marketing industry and as a professional Image Consultant for 15 years, she brings to the online coaching industry a love of sales and relationships as well as a love of visual storytelling. It’s in the building of authentic, genuine relationships that true magic happens! It’s all about being FIERCE, being YOU and  being unique so that your leadership stands out above the rest!

Moral of the story here: Because coaching seems to be a catch-all term that is unregulated, you’ll have to be careful who you trust. Do some research to find out if that expert promising results really has the chops to deliver, and whether he/she has any credentials.

As always, I’ll end my post with a mantra. Let this one inspire you to find the help you need to live your best life.

Mantra: People are a gift I accept for the unwrapping of my purpose.  


  • Anna Palmer
    May 10, 2016

    I’d love to hear your personal story with an online coach. I think I fall squarely in the “not sure what I need” category.

    • Rica Lewis
      May 10, 2016

      Skeptical girl! Ha ha. Thanks for stopping in, Anna.

  • Silly Mummy
    May 17, 2016

    I didn’t know online coaches existed, let alone if I need one! Maybe I need one to keep me up to date with things like online coaches existing?? Either way, this is very interesting.

    • Rica Lewis
      May 17, 2016

      Ha ha, Silly Mummy. Online coaches are the new trend in self-help everything. I need about 6 pros to work on me. Lol. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Rosemond
    May 18, 2016

    I’ve circled around getting an online coach for both business and personal and need to make the jump. I’ve done online parenting classes and found it hugely helpful.

    • Rica Lewis
      May 18, 2016

      Rosemond, I’ve never heard of online parenting classes! Where were they before I made all these mom mistakes? ?

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