Rica Lewis 2016

Yoga Mat Monkey is not another elegant yoga site where you can peruse a library of poses, learn techniques and explore yoga’s ancient cultural heritage. It’s a casual space where I (a yogi with a potty mouth and a passion for self-improvement) hope to entertain you. Because why the hell else would you want to be here? And if you can’t laugh with me, feel free to laugh at me.

So please, pull up a mat, peel open a banana, and hang out for a bit. You’ll see why I believe that life is too short, people are too serious, and monkeys make the best yogis.

Here’s my story…

There was a time when yoga was simply a physical practice for me, and when caffeine and self-loathing were things I consumed the most. I struggled with anorexia and a negative body image, believing that reducing my weight would increase my worth. Sadly, the world often judges by appearances, but we don’t have to accept those views and opinions.

It took a while, but I learned that hating yourself to change is a terrible way to travel to your desired destination. Looking around, I see I’m just one of many women who’s struggled with negative thinking. Society makes that easy for us, doesn’t it?

Somewhere on my journey and on my mat, I discovered that yoga could do more than shape my ass if I let it. Here’s what I mean.

Follow me as I share my thoughts (crazy as they are sometimes) and record my movements on the mat and in my world. I do not aim for perfection, rather to embrace my imperfections. I hope you’ll do the same.



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