3 Ways to Attract Love

Maybe you’ve had your share of relationships, good and bad. You’ve dated the guy or girl with control issues — the one who’d brand you like livestock if that were legal. You’re tired of being hopeful then ending up with Mr. Hateful, or Ms. Headcase. Let’s hope you haven’t had any boiled bunny experiences (did I really just type that?). My point is, things can get ugly in the dating world. Whether you’ve found plenty of fish or mainly piranhas, there’s someone out there for you. There’s a yin to your yang, your other half, that person who personifies romantic cliches. Trust me, he/she exists. So how do you attract the love you desire? I won’t say whether online dating, after-hours mixers, or the friend-through-a-friend method of meeting is the right approach. To each his own, really. I believe when you’re ready for love and you’ve opened your heart, made space in your closet, and room in your life, the power of intention begins to work in your favor.

3 Ways to Attract Love…

1. Love Yourself. As I’ve said before, you cannot pour from an empty vessel. In my experience, those who try to find love without understanding why they deserve it, are likely looking for someone to validate them. In a previous post Why Being Single Doesn’t Suck, I wrote about the years I spent being single. It was a journey of self-discovery. While lonely at times, it was also empowering in that it helped me to learn to nurture myself and to trust my own strength and abilities. Without that foundation, I’m not sure I could have a healthy relationship that was not co-dependent. If you don’t know what you have to offer, chances are, no one is coming to show you. Furthermore, you might be initially flattered by the emotionally mature man or woman who sees your awesome soul, but you’re bound to distrust their intentions as your relationship progresses. Why would they love you? By the power of your doubts, you might actually create the scenario you fear: abandonment. Love yourself first and others will follow suit.

2. Love Your Life. A happy person is a love magnet. Many years ago, I worked the night shift in a hospital. Living in the Midwest meant layered dressing, sloshing through cold snow, slipping on black ice, and driving while praying out loud. It was tough enough to get to work, especially when most of the sane members of the work force were cozy in bed. It was harder still when I got there and Debby Downer was there to greet me with her customary complaints. She was the laziest woman I’d ever met and every night she asked the same question, “Is it time to go yet?” She watched the clock all night, and grumbled at every turn. She set the tone for the entire unit. Ever meet anyone who seemed to suck the air out of the room? Don’t be that person. Be someone you’d want to hang out with. Love your life and others will want to be a part of it.

3. Love Other People. In his book, the Power of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale says, “Essentially, getting people to like you is merely the other side of liking them.” So if you want love, love other people. I can’t say that any better way.

Whether you’re looking to find romance or more meaningful relationships in general, you can and will attract love when you embody it.

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